Welcome to Woodstock Hill Family Practice!

WHFP is a direct primary care practice which allows us to spend more time with each individual in our practice.

We do this by limiting the number of patients each physician cares for, so we have more time for you.

We also subscribe to the philosophy of Ideal Medical Practice which means we keep things on a smaller and more personal scale in order to maximize time with your doctor. We are always striving for continual improvement. Our goal is to get you the care you need when you need it.

We don’t accept insurances. In Direct Primary Care, there is a direct financial agreement between the physician and patient. The patient pays an annual retainer to the physician for services provided by that physician. Out of office services such as blood work, imaging and hospital care are paid by the patients insurance. This works well in conjunction with high deductible insurance as many of the patient’s needs can be addressed in the office. In many situations, the annual fee is less than the patient’s deductible as many patients now have such a high deductible that they never reach it.

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Woodstock Hill Family Practice
602 Route 169 (Norwich Worcester Turnpike)
PO Box 865
Woodstock, CT, 06281

Phone: (860) 821-3406
Fax: (860) 821-3407

Email: rbaik@woodstockhillfamilypractice.com

Please leave a message and the doctor will get back to you between patients.

Monday: 9:00-5:00
Tuesday: 9:00-5:00
Wednesday: 9:00-5:00
Thursday: 9:00-12:00
Friday 9:00-5:00



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In recent years, medical visits have become more and more abbreviated. Patients feel that they must run a gauntlet of paperwork and repetitive conversations with ancillary staff before they actually get to spend quality time with their doctor. Then, when they finally do get to start a one on one conversation with their physician, the clock is ticking. Typically more time is spent waiting or with the front office than with the physician. Seeing a large number of patients has become a necessity for many doctors because insurance companies have so drastically discounted the fees which they are willing to pay for each visit. Coding and billing for visits has become progressively more complex to the point that more time and additional staff must be employed just to handle this. Also physicians are not compensated for time spent on the patient’s behalf when the patient is not present. Sometimes this leads to patients being required to return to the office more than is really necessary.

As a member of Woodstock Hill Family Practice, You can enjoy:

Unlimited access to your doctor when you need it

Relaxed, extended visits. You won’t feel like you are getting rushed through. The more we can know and understand each patient and their backstory, the better the care we can provide.

Same day or following day visits when you are ill and need them most. We will incorporate this time into the schedule

House Calls when the situation warrants one

We will take full advantage of the newest technology to give you better access and communication

Annual Wellness Visit to assess where you are in your health goals and needs

Diagnostic and procedural benefits included at no additional cost including EKG, Skin Biopsy, SVN(breathing treatments),lesion removal and more