What is Woodstock Hill Family Practice?

WHFP is an affordable personalized comprehensive care concierge medical practice.

Is direct primary care the same as “concierge medicine?”

The terms are interchangeable. They both are models which place the patient first. The patient physician relationship is direct in every aspect including a direct financial agreement between the patient and physician.

What sets WHFP apart from other family practices?

We have side stepped the bureaucracy and red tape and refuse to allow any entity to interfere with the sanctity of the physician patient relationship. We are revisiting a time when physicians had time for compassion and an intimate knowledge of each patient. We strive for clinical excellence, accessibility, convenience, affability, and affordability.

Does WHFP accept medical insurance?

No, we do not. In keeping with the concept of a direct personal relationship between you and your physician, this carries over to our business model as well. We feel that the insurance company should not be the one dictating the quality or direction or your family’s care.

Will I still need medical insurance if I join WHFP?

Yes, the Affordable Care Act dictates that all citizens of our nation must carry medical insurance. We are not considered medical insurance. It may make sense to use us along with a wrap around, higher deductiblemedical plan. We advise speaking with your individual insurer to see if our annual fee can be used towards your deductible. Please consult your accountant as well regarding use of Health Savings account funds towards our fee. At this point it is not clear whether this is legally acceptable. Your tax professional can clarify this.

If I have Medicare, can I still join WHFP?

Yes. You will need to sign a one time waiver indicating that neither you nor your physician will bill Medicare for services rendered by our office. You can still use Medicare to cover laboratory work, Xrays and other imaging, medications or hospitalizations prescribed by our office.

Is my Membership to WHFP tax deductible?

No. Unfortunately, your membership fee is not defined as a medical expense in most states and is ,therefore ,not deductible. Consult your accountant to clarify the tax implications in your individual situation. Currently the American Academy of Private Physicians is lobbying to win deductibility for these expenses.

What happens if I need to be hospitalized?

Our goal ,of course, is to prevent the need for hospitalizations by keeping you well. However, should the circumstances arise, that you are admitted, we will collaborate with your hospital specialists and review your chart both on admission and throughout your hospital stay to insure that your history is available and your needs are addressed. Upon discharge we will ask for a personal sign off from the attending specialist to follow up on any immediate needs and follow up required Currently Dr. Baik has privileges at Day Kimball Hospital. At this time she will be using the hospital and specialty staff for admissions.

Can my child become a member of WHFP?

Of course, we are a family practice and care for patients from birth until end of life. Pediatrics has always been one of the joys of family medicine.

How can I contact my doctor after hours?

Emergencies do not always keep regular hours and for this reason you will be given your physicians cell phone number to use in these situations. For non-urgent communications we will be opening a secure patient portal where you will also be able to review your test results and email your physician.

What if I go to the ER?

You a will be treated by the Emergency Room Staff.

Is my medical history ever shared with my insurance company?

We will not share your information with any third party unless you ask us to do so

How do I know if WHFP is right for me?

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to discuss your health care needs and meet Dr. Baik. This visit is a courtesy and unconditional. We hope that this will be the start of a healthy and productive relationship.